We get it. The kitchen isn't where you belong

Meals ready to eat in 15 minutes. No fuss, no muss.

Easy to prepare

No time spent at all prepping and cooking complicated dinners

Made by professionals

Cooked by professional chefs that are ready to eat at a moments notice

Easy Storage

Frozen meals that store easily in the freezer with a shelf life of up to 4 months

Delivers in 2-5 days. Free Shipping when you spend more than RM150

*Applicable to Klang Valley only


No Stress, No Cooking skills required

Hot Stuff brings you an easy and convenient way to enjoy the most popular dishes from around the region without getting your hands dirty. These ready-to-eat meals are the answer to your kitchen nightmares. Simply defrost, reheat and serve.

Hot Stuff Value Bundles

Quick Lunch or Dinner!


Who loves lamb?

We sure do! And now we're sharing it with you. A delicious, easy and super convenient meal specially crafted for those who love the taste of lamb.

Word on the street

Made to order hot food

Flavourful oven-roasted chicken, marinated overnight in our own blend of special herbs and spices and roasted fresh just before delivery.

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Juicy chicken with exploding flavours wrapped up in a neat little package. A wonderful and flavourful surprise in every pack

RM45 for 6 pieces in a box

Made to order hot food

Wholly Quiche and Pies serves up the most delicious savoury French Classic tart, the perfect comfort food for any occasion.

Smoked Chicken & Mushroom

Tempura  Fish & Sour Cream Cheese

Salmon, Onion, Chives and Olives

All Vegetable and Pumpkin Garlic

Beef Pepperoni with Spinach and Vintage Cheese

Smoked Chicken & Spinach Mushroom