Classic Basil Pesto Sauce

This Pesto Is The Best-O

Pesto is your hero in the kitchen and it adds great taste to a host of dishes! It takes only 15 minutes to go from zero to hero. Unlike most pasta sauces, J. Robert Classic Basil Pesto sauce is cooked and then frozen to seal in the freshness of the basil.

100% Pesticide free Fresh Italian Basil

Grown locally, the Italian Basil that makes this sauce wonderful is completely pesticide free. J. Robert Farms is a quality certified Aquaponic farm. Other ingredients include nuts, cheese, oil and salt, all natural ingredients sourced from reputable partners.

Classic Recipe

J. Robert Classic Basil Pesto delivers a good bite from the fresh basil giving you a smooth, strong basil flavour with sweet, earthy scent. Blended with the finest cashew nuts, parmesan, olive oil and salted to perfection for a balance depth of flavour.

Truly Versatile

Every kitchen should store some pesto. Its versatility makes it a suitable substitute for tomato sauce. Use as a spread, dip or even swapping out the tomato sauce on pizza with a good helping of pesto! Give your salads or vegetables a fresh new twist by adding the authentic aroma of basil pesto.

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