Ready in 15 minutes

Easy, convenient meals at your fingertips

  • All the cooking made for you by professional chefs
  • Save precious time sweating in the kitchen
  • No need to shop for ingredients in crowded markets!
  • Easy to prepare, even kids can do it

Hot Stuff Ready To Eat meals is made for those of us who finds cooking a daunting task or those who seeks to simply enjoy a meal conveniently without much fuss. No matter what the situation, Hot Stuff Ready To Eat meals takes all the sweat out of cooking and gets you eating in 15 minutes. 

Skip cooking, go straight to eating!

No cooking skills required here!  Simply heat the meal pack via 1 of the 3 convenient ways and you’re good to go.

Steam it!

Place it in your steamer and crank up the heat for 10 minutes and serve it steaming hot

Microwave it!

Remove the contents from the bag into a microwave-safe bowl. Stick it in your microwave and nuke it for 10 minutes and then serve it steaming hot

Heat it in a pan!

Empty the entire bag into a saucepan, add a little water and heat it for 10 minutes and serve

Freeze it till you need it

Hot Stuff meals stores easily in your freezer with a shelf life of up to 3 months. How convenient!

Value Bundle

Try the Asian, Western or get the complete bundle at a very special price!

Word on the street..

We've served thousands of people

Our chef and crew has been in the food business for over 10 years specialising in bringing memorable food to plenty of occasions from dinner or lunch parties to events this mean we are no strangers to ensuring our meals are well prepared. We are known for our fresh, well balanced  menu and for not using pre-made artificial packed ingredients or processed meat. In other words, we make everything from scratch and we love doing it.

Standards above all else

Because we cater to a variety of events and occasions, it is essential that our kitchen and cooking facilities adhere to the strictest hygiene standards. Our products are made in a Muslim friendly kitchen.  

Something's always cookin'

The team at Hot Stuff is constantly exploring new recipes that we can bring you, new dining experiences that we can share. Keep a lookout for what’s coming out of our kitchen, you know it’s good stuff if it comes from Hot Stuff.