Frozen immediately when caught
to deliver maximum freshness

Premium Tiger Prawns

Sweet Tasting Tiger Prawns

Here are the freshest Tiger Prawns in town! Probiotics are used to control water quality, and only deep-sea fish are used as prawn feed together with a controlled diet to ensure the texture of the meat is firm and sweet. J. Robert Prawns are free from antibiotics and harmful chemicals. 

Quick Freeze

We lock in those flavours the minute we fish it out of the water by freezing in immediately so that when you defrost it, it’ll be like we just caught it fresh. 

No antibiotics, no drugs

J. Robert prawn farm practices environmentally sustainable methods to prawn farming. We use no antibiotics or growth promoters in our waters, instead our waters are controlled with probiotics to promote prawn health and reduce bacteria. 

Maintaining Flavour & Texture

Although warm temperature is an important driver for the prawn population, stimulating growth, movement, reproductive and foraging activity, our prawns are  also fed a strict diet which consists on deep sea fish to ensure that the meat is firm, sweet and creates a unique characteristic of deep complex flavours.

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